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Sri Radhaashtami

Organizer -Sri Radha Madhav Temple
CelebrationsHareKrishna Event

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Date -2019/09/06
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Radha Ashtami is an extremely joyous occasion held every year. This festival is celebrated with the same zeal as Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary. The love between Radha and Krishna is eternal and can only be understood after overcoming all the worldly impurities. This unique unison symbolises how an individual soul merges with the supreme soul. Radha signifies individual soul and Lord Krishna is the universal soul. It is known that Radha and Krishna exist together and are referred as 'Radhakrishna'.

Following options are available

  • Aarti Plate - $11.00
  • Abhishek - $21.00
  • Dress Donation - $50.00
  • Prasad Sponsorship - $100.00

It is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, the observer of the Radha Ashtami vrat will be blessed with a prosperous and happy life. the person will overcome all his obstacles, attain the materialistic desires and finally attain salvation. It is believed that after observing the Radha Ashtami fast and worshipping Goddess Durga, the person will be freed from all their sins. Their minds will be cleared from negative and bad thoughts and he/she will attain spiritual bliss.

Radhashtami day is the most auspicious day of appearance of Goddess of fortune, Sri Radha, who is the feminine counterpart of Lord Sri Krishna.

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